Wood & soil recycling

1.wood recycling

The Westarp company has been collecting since the 20s and 30s of the 20th century
old wood and prepares this.

Waste wood can be divided into 4 categories

Category A I Natural or merely mechanically processed waste wood which has not been contaminated with substances foreign to wood to a negligible extent during its use,

Category A II glued, painted, varnished or otherwise treated waste wood without organohalogen compounds in the coating and without wood preservatives

Category A III Waste wood with organohalogen compounds in the coating without wood preservatives,

Kategorie A IV waste wood treated with wood preservatives, such as railway sleepers, electricity poles, hop poles, vine stakes, and other waste wood that cannot be assigned to categories A I, A II or A III because of its pollutant load, with the exception of waste PCBs

There are two main recycling areas in the waste wood sector

1. material recycling e.g. for chipboard production

2. energy recovery plants, e.g. wood chip heating systems and combined heat and power plants

1.: SWaste wood can be used as a material in the wood-based materials industry. Depending on the chip quality, various pressboard products can be produced here. The range extends from shuttering for construction purposes to chipboard for the furniture industry.

2.: Waste wood is used energetically as a fuel to replace primary energy sources such as coal, heating oil or natural gas after appropriate processing. This use is Co2-neutral and represents an inexpensive alternative.
Waste wood that is not recycled must be disposed of thermally in approved plants.

2. soil recycling

Furthermore, we offer our customers a wide range in the field of disposal of mineral waste such as foundry waste such as furnace slag and foundry sands, construction waste of all kinds, excavated earth, shear sands..

We would be pleased to develop project-related disposal solutions for you.

For the disposal of mineral waste classified according to LAGA or DepV, we can create tailor-made concepts and dispose of your waste in a legally compliant manner.