The Westarp Ökopark Aschaffenburg is a facility for the storage, handling and treatment of waste in accordance with § 4 of the Federal Immission Control Act. The focus here is on the development of environmentally friendly disposal concepts; in particular the preparation, processing and trading of raw materials such as iron and non-ferrous metals, electrical waste, wood as well as soil and building rubble, paper and plastics. For us, this means operating a raw material extraction plant under ecological aspects:

• Avoidance of waste water.
• Use of renewable raw materials and other renewable energies for own heating and other energy recovery.
• Prevention and reduction of emissions - Conservation of natural resources.
• Minimisation of road transport by shifting to rail and inland waterways.
• Corporate management under the maxims of sustainability and positive ecological balance.

Further advantages:

Use of fallow water facilities, especially for washing and dust reduction measures. Creation and maintenance of nesting sites for peregrine falcons, jackdaws, swifts, as well as refuges for bats.