Ship/heavy haulage

Ship transports and the associated transport of large components, among other things, represent an elementary logistics component of the Westarp Group in the areas of raw materials trading, recycling and dismantling. For our transports we use two inland waterway vessels that are permanently integrated into the logistics chain. We also have seven internal unloading points in four German cities (Aschaffenburg, Hamm, Duisburg, Mannheim), which are directly linked to our sites and enable us to unload large components with an individual weight of up to 540t. With the company's own inland waterway vessels and the Westarp vehicle fleet, we ensure the greatest possible flexibility and reaction speed and can guarantee our customers material deliveries, collections and recycling just-in-time. International container transports, which are directly linked to the Westarp logistics chain as sea freight, form the key element of our global raw materials trade.